Microsoft wants to sew ChatGPT into Bing. The last resort of an unwanted search engine?

Only 1 out of 40 web searches is done with Bing. In this aspect, Google reigns supreme in the web, followed by … for a long, long time nothing. However, Microsoft has a plan on how to increase traffic around Bing. The rapidly growing popularity of the ChatGPT tool, enabling interaction with artificial intelligence, can help.

ChatGPT is an amazing tool that the whole world has been talking about in recent weeks. It is an advanced language model created by OpenAI that is able to formulate sentences confusingly similar to other people’s statements. ChatGPT can compose poems, tell jokes, write entire essays and even… program. No wonder Google is “afraid” of this tool by introducing “code red” in its ranks .

The Information reports that Microsoft, which has invested $1 billion in OpenAI, wants to start profiting from this traffic by using artificial intelligence to increase the attractiveness of its Bing search engine, which is unwanted by most users.

Information provided by The Information journalists indicates that Microsoft is still evaluating this move, analyzing factors such as the accuracy of the results and technical issues of interaction with ChatGPT. Reports indicate that Microsoft may release an initial test version of the Bing search engine with the OpenAI tool embedded in it to a small test group later this year.

The integration of language models into a search engine can bring many more and less desirable effects. It will certainly be possible to replace password queries with natural sentences. We will also be able to receive answers to inquiries in the same form. Will it make Bing more popular? Certainly, in the first months after implementing ChatGPT, we would notice a significant increase in interest. For how long? It’s hard to predict.

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