Artist(s): Sam A La Bamalot
Catalog number: LOMEK020
Released: 20 jan 2012
Format: 12″ / MP3




Sam A La Bamalot (real name: Sam Verstraten) is a young Dutch producer. Armed with a MPC1000, a MicroKorg and a Kaosspad he shapes futuristic walls of sound, combined with backbreaking wonky drums and mindboggling vocals that flow stereoscopically from left to right. An excellent addition to the blooming beat scene of this current day and age.

Coming january 2012, Sam A La Bamalot will release his first 12” on Lomechanik: ‘What Happens When You Sleep’. The EP clearly reflects his progress as an artist: within the space of five tracks an intruiging range of tempo’s, musical structures and sounds is explored by Sam A La Bamalot, clearly showing his ability to tell a complex, exciting story with his music. Rendering his dreams into a eclectic musical form, the vibes are reminiscent of the greatest works of Dimlite, Flying Lotus and Eskmo.

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