Artist(s): Urkelle
Catalog number: LOMEK022
Released: June 2012
Format: 12″

For this 22nd release on Lomechanik we present the EP ‘When Her Language Goes On Holiday’ by Urkelle, which will be available on vinyl and digitally. Intelligent, deep bass music that fits just as well on the dancefloor as on your headphone. Urkelle is one of the aliases of Steve Mensink, a Dutch producer which is based in the city of Utrecht. This EP resonates with an intruiging tension between repetition and progression. The release will appeal to the fans of the subtle progressions of Theo Parrish, as well as those of the broken bass music by Objekt or the hypnotic atmospheres of classic Autechre releases. ‘When Her Language Goes On Holiday’ takes you on a sonic journey.

We recently featured Urkelle on our digitally released ‘Ondergrond’ compilation. The latest vinyl release by Steve Mensink was ‘Bouree’, which he released as Felix Lenferink on the forward-thinking label Fourth Wave, a sublabel of Ramp Recordings. He’ll also release a 2×12” in the near future on that label under the same alias. A vinyl release on Shipwrec, another electronic music label from Nijmegen which we are good friends with, is also underway. Besides his Urkelle and Felix Lenferink monikers, he has succesfully been releasing more house-oriented music as Frits Wentink, on Rotterdam based Triphouse Records amongst others.

On Friday, the 6th of July we will present this release in ‘Etalage Derde Wal’ in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. This night the sounds of Urkelle will be presented in conjunction with live vocals by singer Loes Jongerlink, combined with an exposition of the MIDI-controllers that Steve Mensink builds himself out of wood. The visual theme of this night will be based on the cover design for this record. This vinylrelease will be the first in a new triptych of releases on Lomechanik, which will all feature a characteristic hand silk screen printed design on the cover.

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