TERUGKLAP (nl/clone, lomechanik) & CLIPPING. (us/subpop) live:

Terugklap: The beats and breaks of this young man are easily among the most impressive currently made in Holland. Amsterdam based Terugklap aka Sander Haakman sometimes deliberately dissects his in-your-face beat wizardry into stuttering conondrums of sound, only to be sewed back together skillfully when he pleases. Terugklap get’s his cues from hip-hop, house, bass-music to household kitchenware and gardening tools. He has released a handful of high quality releases on Clone Records and Nijmegen’s Lomechanik. His carefully composed chaos will twist your mind but keep your body moving.

CLIPPING:  makes party music for the club you wish you hadn’t gone to, the car you don’t remember getting in, and the streets you don’t feel safe on. clipping. are phantom broadcasts bleeding into Power 106 as you drive out of range; are twenty different rappers looking into one broken mirror, talking to themselves all at once; are classic west coast rap music out of the tradition where sounding different wasn’t cause for fear. Formed in 2009, initially as a remix project, clipping. soon acquired a vocalist and began pursuing music-making at the intersection of gangster rap, music concrete and harsh noise. With tracks crafted by experienced minimalist noise artist William Hutson (RALE) and film soundtrack composer Jonathan Snipes (ex-CAPTAIN AHAB), they are not only capturing this level of threat and agitation, but also the cinematic barrenness of sprawling cement, fields of litter, and endless trees with every branch chopped off and painted black. Front man Daveed Diggs is not just quick with his words, but incredibly precise. He brings out the rhythm of the seemingly rhythmless. He punctuates melodies made out of negative space. Yes, they know about noise. But this is hip hop.


Teilingerstraat 128
3032 AW Rotterdam