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Night Travel (late night vinyl session)

Lomechanik Radio 14 – That freaky dream


Tapage – Chrome Fragments

Artists: Tapage
Catalog number: LOMEK027
Released: 28/10/2017
Format: Tape/MP3/WAVE


Tapage – Chrome Fragments: Limited edition cassette out on 28/10/2017

Check the release and (pre)order your copy

“My father used a 4-track recorder, because he liked playing quatre mains on the piano and didn’t have anyone to play with him at home. I used the machine in my youth to record my musical experiments with, among others, feedback, I didn’t have a computer then.

 Last year Tapage received a cassette recorder from a friend and he has listened to the tapes he has always kept and then digitalized them. These recordings are the core of the new interpretations who will be released on tape again: Chrome Fragments (LOMEK027).

Modern techniques enable me to have more control over the modifications of the source sounds. I was looking for a balance between the rough quality of the original tapes and the possibilities to record them in more complex compositions”, says Tapage.

The grating of the source material on the one hand and the tight production on the other gnaws and propels. Organic music that forces you to listen closely. Futuristic, electrically charged while being very earthly, as if the elements play along as powers.

The artwork contains a piece of the feedback loop and every copy gets a piece. This drone can be downloaded as an extra track.



Artists: Tapage
Catalog number: LOMEK027
Released: 28/10/2017
Format: Tape/MP3/WAVE

Lomechanik on DJ Broadcast – Electronic scene Nijmegen


Apzolut – Smooth revolution

Artists: Apzolut
Catalog number: LOMEK026
Released: 21/06/2017


Apzolutely summer

When will it be summer?
On 21/06/17 it will be Apzolutely summer

Lomechanik homie of the first hour Apzolut returns with ‘Smooth revolution’, a free downloadable single. With his unique style, this half-Aruban developed himself into one of the leading breakcore heroes of the low lands as well as far beyond.

His gigs are a happening for a wide audience due to its combination of intensity, devotedness and creativity with which he stretches the boundaries and even transcends the genre. The man is an all-rounder and his single is the way the summer ought to be: Hot!

Apzolut – Smooth revolution

Track 1: Smooth revolution
Track 2: Aqui esta
Catalog number: LOMEK026
Released: 21/06/2017
Format: MP3/WAVE

Lomechanik Radio 13


Lomechanik Radio 12


The Void* – Values

Artists: The Void*
Catalog number: LES001

Released: June 2016
Format: Vinyl/MP3/WAVE

Order your vinyl copy at: Triplevision
Digital release: 11/07/16


The Void* – Values out on 10/06/16 – pre order now

Pre order your copy at Triple Vision

‘Values’ by The Void* is released by three(!) collaborating record labels from The Netherlands: Lomechanik, Esc.rec. and Shipwrec. Lomechanik worked with both labels before on separate releases, but this is the first time that the three of them join forces. Apart from the differences between them, there is also an unmistakable overlap in their output. This album by The Void* fits seamlessly into the catalogues of all three labels. Both musically and aesthetically, because the packaging of this 12″ vinyl is stunningly beautiful, as usual.

TheVoid_Package  TheVoid_innersleeve





The Void * Live Performances

Friday 01/07/16 De Ruimte – Amsterdam

More info: De Ruimte 

Saturday 16/07/16 The Void * plays in the intimate setting of the Perifeer (studio) of Harco Rutgers (escrec) Deventer.

Door open: 20:00
Start: 20:30
Admission: 5 euros
Location: De Perifeer, Mr. H. F. the Boerlaan 151 Deventer
NOTE: De Perifeer is small and filled quickly, so be there on time!

Sunday 17/07/16 plays The Void * on the Valkhof festival Nijmegen

With live performances of The Void *, Michel Banabila and DJ sets by Jorg (Lomechanik), Harco Rutgers (esc.rec) and Ferdi (Shipwrec), the Sint Nicolaas Kapel this evening is the spot for adventure electronics, drones, noise, ambient, beats and outerspace sounds.

20.00. 20.30 – Harco (Esc.rec.)
20.30. 21.15 – Michel Banabila
21.15. 21.45 – Jorg (Lomechanik)
21.45. 22.45 – The Void*
22.45. 24.00 – Ferdi (Shipwrec)

Datum: Zondag 17 juli, 2016
Aanvang: 20:00 uur
Entree: gratis!
Locatie: Valkhof festival, Nijmegen


Lomechanik Radio 11


Soon out on wax: Values from The Void*

Along with escrec and Shipwrec brings Lomechank the album Values from The Void* on wax. The Void*  is a project by Roald van Dillewijn, Tijs Ham and Eric Magnée. Since 2010 they have been modifying instrument groups to be used in improvised acousmatic music. Their projects range from modified guitars and flutes to setting up a six piece ensemble for string and electronics. They performed at the Gaudeamus Muziekweek and the (h)ear festival and many others. Sonically The Void* focus on building timbral walls of sound. With their custom built instruments they sound like somewhat in between the resonance of an exploding supernova and the hum of a captured firefly. More news about te album is coming soon.

The Void Pointers on Rewire festival 02/05/15

Schermafbeelding 2015-04-29 om 22.02.06

The Void Pointers are Roald van Dillewijn, Tijs Ham and Eric Magnée. Modifying instruments for improvised acousmatic music is the band’s forte, and an incredibly diverse one; from modifying guitars and flutes, to setting up a six piece ensemble for string and electronics. During their performances, The Void Pointers focus on building timbral walls of sound, that can sound enervating and challenging. They performed at the Gaudeamus Muziekweek and the (h)ear festival amongst others.


Lomechanik Radio 10 (Vinyl mix)


Lomechanik show on & Lomechanik Radio 9

Dena’s (Chaos Republic) Noxgenus radioshow on is an Lomechanik special. The guestmix for this show is from Jorg: Lomechanik Radio 9. Listen listen and download on Listen the show on Mixcloud. And the link direct to the guestmix Lomechanik Radio 9  The tracklist…  More…


Artist(s): Birdt – 1. Birdt – Lucinate – Toktek – The Void Pointers – Fedbymachines – Van der Waal – Jellephant – Maersk -Wannes Salome – Terugklap – Raadsel – ADNT – Julian Edwardes – Hyde Park – Witte Ruis – Jorg & Maarten Jongebreur – J.S.Rozendaal – Maersk – Maliko – Weerthof – Marsman – Puin + Hoop

Catalog number: LOMEK025
Released: June 2014
Format: MP3 / WAVE


Out now: Places (Lomek025)

When we travel we write postcards to let our loved ones know what it’s like to be someplace else. Lomechanik wants to take you on a journey with ‘Places’. We’ve asked old familiars as well as newly involved artists to create music for this release with a certain place and/or memory as a starting point. The only rule we’ve established: No use of beats. The result is a movie-like musical trip over mountains, through hills, past cities and villages, right through the desert and the deep-sea. From serene atmospheres up to extremely ominous, it’s for the adventurous traveller.

With it’s 25th release Lomechanik brings you 25 tracks in two hours time and a special limited edition of the: ‘PLACES AUDIOPOSTCARDS’ set. Each track on ‘Places’ has it’s own postcard with URL audiocode: Order them now and send them while you’re on the road as an account of your trip to the one you love. We wish you were here!


Lomechanik Radio 8 (Late night vinyl session)

Bounce around & spin like a record…

Working on new release with The Void*

The Void* is a project by Roald van Dillewijn, Tijs Ham and Eric Magnée. Since 2010 they have been modifying instrument groups to be used in improvised acousmatic music. Their projects range from modified guitars and flutes to setting up a six piece ensemble for string and electronics. They performed at the Gaudeamus Muziekweek and the (h)ear festival and many others. Sonically The Void* focus on building timbral walls of sound. With their custom built instruments they sound like somewhat in between the resonance of an exploding supernova and the hum of a captured firefly.

Lomechanik Radio 7

Lomechanik Radio 7, psychedelic & noisey sounds and beats from 1949 until 2013, mix by Jorg.


Nijmegenpopverhalenboek TOF!


TOF! is de titel, het woord dat al die vijftig jaar levend is gebleven en het optimisme van de popcultuur dekt. Geschreven door de journalist Frank Antonie van Alphen. Anekdotes en verhalen van de man die met de artiesten in de bus meereisde, met ze aan de koffietafel zat te bomen of met dezelfde kater wakker werd. Lomechanik komt in de verhalen ook aan de orde. Hans Jacobs, ook journalist, schreef de tijdsbeelden, de inleidingen tot de vele hoofdstukken.

Nijmegen rockt, Nijmegen swingt, Nijmegen is dance. Vijftig jaar lang ligt Nijmegen in het oog van een orkaan aan muzikaal geweld. Vele grote groepen en artiesten heeft de stad voortgebracht. Grote namen, kleine namen. Nieuwe stromingen zijn geboren. Miljoenen hebben zich in die zinderende Nijmeegse popcultuur in het zweet gedanst, miljoenen hebben rondgedoold in de extase die muziek kan brengen. Gisteren, vandaag en morgen.


New Artist: Hyde Park

Hyde Park – Yellow pink blue from Kamiel Rongen on Vimeo.


Jorg, Jonas The Plugexpert, oXane (Lomechanik) & Daedelus @ Merleyn 26/10/13



Know VA (Lomechanik), Machinedrum, DJ Shadow on ADE in Paradiso 19/10/13

Tickets and info..

Terugklap (Lomechanik) & Clipping @ Worm / Roodkapje Rotterdam 22/10/13

TERUGKLAP (nl/clone, lomechanik) & CLIPPING. (us/subpop) live:

Terugklap: The beats and breaks of this young man are easily among the most impressive currently made in Holland. Amsterdam based Terugklap aka Sander Haakman sometimes deliberately dissects his in-your-face beat wizardry into stuttering conondrums of sound, only to be sewed back together skillfully when he pleases. Terugklap get’s his cues from hip-hop, house, bass-music to household kitchenware and gardening tools. He has released a handful of high quality releases on Clone Records and Nijmegen’s Lomechanik. His carefully composed chaos will twist your mind but keep your body moving.

CLIPPING:  makes party music for the club you wish you hadn’t gone to, the car you don’t remember getting in, and the streets you don’t feel safe on. clipping. are phantom broadcasts bleeding into Power 106 as you drive out of range; are twenty different rappers looking into one broken mirror, talking to themselves all at once; are classic west coast rap music out of the tradition where sounding different wasn’t cause for fear. Formed in 2009, initially as a remix project, clipping. soon acquired a vocalist and began pursuing music-making at the intersection of gangster rap, music concrete and harsh noise. With tracks crafted by experienced minimalist noise artist William Hutson (RALE) and film soundtrack composer Jonathan Snipes (ex-CAPTAIN AHAB), they are not only capturing this level of threat and agitation, but also the cinematic barrenness of sprawling cement, fields of litter, and endless trees with every branch chopped off and painted black. Front man Daveed Diggs is not just quick with his words, but incredibly precise. He brings out the rhythm of the seemingly rhythmless. He punctuates melodies made out of negative space. Yes, they know about noise. But this is hip hop.


now—let—go, an installation: Studio Another day, Joris Budel & Lomechanik



now—let—go. An installation by Studio Another day in collaboration with Joris Budel. Construction by Eli Capello. Soundtrack by Jorg  (Lomechanik).



Lo Luisterpaal

Lo Pack

Listen to Lo Pack on: VPRO 3voor12 Luisterpaal

Lo Pack

Artist(s): Know VA – MSNTHRPX – Julien Mier – Van der Waal – Asterisms -Kalima – Terugklap -Tablow – ADNT – Raadsel – Kadugodi – Julian Edwardes, Adnt
Catalog number: LOMEK024
Released: June 2013
Format: MP3


New album Jorg out on escrec.

Jorg (producer, DJ and record label owner of Lomechanik fame) brings us his latest work. And it’s released through Esc.rec. this time.Please take your time for this nightly narrative album, meticulously constructed of field recordings and soundscapes, evolving into more beat orientated pieces and energetic, uptempo tracks. Jorg takes you on a stroll through cold industrial places and wanders with you through abandoned suburbs.


Marsman Remix out on 02/03/13


More Lomechanik Radio……

Urkelle on Holiday – release LOMEK022 and expo 06/07/12 – 2e Wal Nijmegen

Random Lomechanik

Some Lomechanik history 2

Some oldschool Lomechanik flyers

Some Lomechanik history 1 – First Lomechanik party

Marsman Remix

Artist(s): Asterisms – Fedbymachines – Julian Edwardes – Julien Mier – Lucinate – Luisterwaar – Marsman – Sam A La Bamalot – Terugklap
Catalog number: LOMEK023
Released: March 2013
Format: MP3


Urkelle – When Her Language Goes On Holiday

Artist(s): Urkelle
Catalog number: LOMEK022
Released: June 2012
Format: 12″




Artist(s): Curly Bob, Julian Edwardes, Julien Mier, Kijk een Ster, Know VA, Marsman, Raadsel, Terugklap, Urkelle
Catalog number: LOMEK021
Released: April 2012
Format: MP3


Sam A La Bamalot – Happens When You Sleep

Artist(s): Sam A La Bamalot
Catalog number: LOMEK020
Released: 20 jan 2012
Format: 12″ / MP3



Artist(s): Bojcot selectah, Frietboer, Julien Mier, Krampfhaft, Marsman, Raadsel, Sam A La Bamalot, Terugklap
Catalog number: LOMEK019
Released: June 2011
Format: CD
Pressed: 100


Terugklap – Gister

Artist(s): Terugklap
Catalog number: LOMEK018
Released: February 2011
Format: 12″
Pressed: 300


Jorg – LOMEK017

Artist(s): DJ Jorg
Catalog number:LOMEK017
Released: February 2011
Format: 12″
Pressed: 200


Jellephant – A Room full of time

Artist(s): Jellephant
Catalog number: LOMEK016
Released: February 2011
Format: CD
Pressed: 100



Artist(s): Coen Oscar Polack, Curly Bob, Dion, Gluid, Jonas the Plugexpert, Julien Mier, Lovis, Marcus Fjellström, MiaMia, oXane, Robert Witt, Wan, Wild Wild Ambient Boys, xaf
Catalog number: LOMEK015
Released: December 2010
Format: MP3
Pressed: 0


Elektrisch Kafe LP

Artist(s): Bertin, DB, Jonas the Plugexpert, Julian Edwardes, Julien Mier, Modder, Stijn Koek, Tapage, Terugklap
Catalog number: EKLP001
Released: November 2010
Format: LP
Pressed: 300


Bas van Huizen – Gewelfsterver

Artist(s):Bas van Huizen
Catalog number: LOMEK014
Released: December 2009
Format: MP3
Pressed: 0


Terugklap – Rugklacht

Catalog number: LOMEK013
Released: October 2009
Format: MP3
Pressed: 0