Artist(s): Curly Bob, Julian Edwardes, Julien Mier, Kijk een Ster, Know VA, Marsman, Raadsel, Terugklap, Urkelle
Catalog number: LOMEK021
Released: April 2012
Format: MP3



Finally spring time has arrived! And finally there is a new compilation on Lomechanik: ‘Ondergrond’ (Lomek021)

The title ‘Ondergrond’ stands for rooting in fertile soil, uncovering earth layers and moving forward into depths. ‘Ondergrond’ tells a narrative through exciting electronic music. Sultry like spring, that’s ‘Ondergrond’. Presenting some new names, as well as artists that are already known through their previous releases on Lomechanik.
Check the video that Jere-me & Mike van der Weegen created for the track ‘Leave Again’ by Kijk Een Ster

Magnificent mastering done by Sander Haakman (Terugklap)

Check out the excellent video that the English video artist Sam Spreckley produced for the track ‘Leg Bound’ by Urkelle:


Leg Bound from sam spreckley on Vimeo.