now—let—go. An installation by Studio Another day in collaboration with Joris Budel. Construction by Eli Capello. Soundtrack by Jorg  (Lomechanik).


 In order to live life more truthful to ourselves, and set the intentions for greater ‘happiness’, we can take steps to put some of our thoughts or ‘stories’ behind us. Holding on only takes energy and attention.

If we want something to grow stronger in our lives, we direct more attention to it, if we want something to diminish in our lives, we withdraw our attention from it. Today is a good day to contemplate on our thoughts or ‘stories’.

Today is a good day to begin a new.

Today is a good day to release.



 Expoplu, Van Oldenbarneveltstraat 63 a


28th of september 20.00hr – 01.00hr, during Red Shoe Sessions @ Nijmegen Art Night