Marsman, a talented producer from the most southern province of the Netherlands, released an impressive audiovisual album called Jaqwawaj at the end of 2012 on Utrecht-based initiative Born Digital. For this album, he collaborated with the Japanese artist Takuma Nakata, who was responsible for the visual part of this project. A very special project, breaking new grounds – which gets its follow-up with a remix album which is just as special. For this remix album, Marsman called in the help of nine producers from all over the Netherlands, which all created new pieces of music in their own specific ways using elements of Marsmans Jaqwawaj album as their building blocks. The remix album project in which this resulted and which will be released on Nijmegen-based label Lomechanik goes to show that the Dutch electronic music scene is alive and kicking.

‘Marsman Remix’ offers a great sample of what talent there exists inside the Dutch electronic music scene, but also accurately reflects the quality of the music coming out on the forward thinking Lomechanik label, as a lot of the artists which are featured on this album also played a part on earlier releases on Lomechanik. The contributions of Julien Mier, Sam A La Bamalot, Asterisms, Luisterwaar, Fedbymachines, Terugklap, Julian Edwardes, Seedge and Lucinate combine to form a beautiful compilation which still shows the traces of the original album by Marsman, but each of the producers clearly brings its own style and skill to the tracks. From the soft, sweet summer vibes of the opening track by Lucinate to the broken, rugged hiphop beats by Terugklap on the final track: this compilation will definitely grab your attention, and you’ll end up being amazed by the depth created by all this Dutch talent.