When we travel we write postcards to let our loved ones know what it’s like to be someplace else. Lomechanik wants to take you on a journey with ‘Places’. We’ve asked old familiars as well as newly involved artists to create music for this release with a certain place and/or memory as a starting point. The only rule we’ve established: No use of beats. The result is a movie-like musical trip over mountains, through hills, past cities and villages, right through the desert and the deep-sea. From serene atmospheres up to extremely ominous, it’s for the adventurous traveller.

With it’s 25th release Lomechanik brings you 25 tracks in two hours time and a special limited edition of the: ‘PLACES AUDIOPOSTCARDS’ set. Each track on ‘Places’ has it’s own postcard with URL audiocode: Order them now and send them while you’re on the road as an account of your trip to the one you love. We wish you were here!

Places (LOMEK025):

1.Birdt – Banjo op de gang (Jorg edit)
2.Lucinate – Serenity
3.Toktek – CRKL
4.The Void Pointers – R
5.Fedbymachines – Vanishing Point
6.Van der Waal – A Blue grey contrast (Ambient Version)
7.Jellephant – Mad mad circles
8.Maersk – Lakes seen from a cave Croatia
9.Wannes Salome – Islands
10.Terugklap – Radiator
11.Raadsel – In Time
12.ADNT – Buitenwereld
13.Van der Waal – Blue’s echo
14.Julian Edwardes – Sentimental particles
15.Hyde Park – Backyard pony
16.Witte Ruis – Droon1.1a
17.Jorg & Maarten Jongebreur – Gras
18.J.S.Rozendaal – Location
19.Maersk – Secchr
20.Maliko – Oak feather
21.Birdt – Irgendwo
22.Weerthof – Kien
23.?? – ?? – Bekkerveld
24.Marsman – Eyeam
25.Puin + Hoop – Zeebodem