Lomechanik Radio 7, psychedelic & noisey sounds and beats from 1949 until 2013, mix by Jorg.

Metz – Lines, Introduction
Lomechanik Radio intro
Picasso sample
Daniel Blinkhorn / Ralatively loud tones
Broken Hearted Dragonflies / Insect electronica from asia – Brood X
Gurdjieff improvisations / May 1949
So singen unsere vogel / 1, edit
Ear / Experimental audio research / Digitana 1920
XERROX / VOL 1- 03/10-06 ASTORIA 2
Heijastuva / Heijastuva
Guilty connector / Cosmic conspiracy
J.S. Rozendaal / At my feet in the ground /
Schwabinggrad Ballett / Arie Banausin, Sie will nicht bergeifen, edit
Jozef Kip Quartet – Opel Kadett Sextet / Burgermuziek- Music therapy, edit
Swallows Fly Low / Only now
Barry Gray / Stand by For adverts, edit
Evan Odd / Kitezh
Lord Buckley – The best of Lord Buckley, edit
Co.Fee / Long walks
Dexter / Walk with us
Flako / Finger on the pony
Knxwledge / WhenevrUreadi
FilthyBroke / Illness
Apzolut / Het is donker
King James Version – edit
Ras G / Jus there
Fireworks samples
Jeroen Diepenmaat / Serveral ways to exclude the opaque, while counting till four
Young Echo / Radial sheaves
Organic orchestra / Part seven
Panic in the jungle sample
Reginald Omas Mamode / Telling me
King James Version – edit
Radio outro sample